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Things to Know When Buying Land and Plot

You may have heard that the current most valuable districts of Istanbul were once fields or vineyards. Photos from the times when Maslak was full of vineyards and Kartal was a fishing village are circulating on the internet. Be patient One of the first things you need to know when buying land is when you […]

Real Estate Commission

Maybe you are about to rent a house or buy a house that you have always wanted. Either way, you will face real estate fees that you have to pay! As SakoLife, we are honored to be with you in all real estate buying and selling processes. If you’re going to be a tenant, you’ll […]

Real Estate Purchases

A two-stage process awaits those who want to buy real estate. The first of these is the municipality transactions and the second is the transactions that must be done at the Land Registry Office. In municipal transactions, an application is made to the municipality where the property is located. The current value of the real […]

Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

Foreign and domestic investors, who used their savings by investing in real estate, preferred offices for high rental income and short payback periods. However, it should not be forgotten that modern housing projects are as profitable as offices. Emphasizing that houses pay for themselves in about 20-22 years, experts say that the amortization period of […]

Which Type of Real Estate is the Best Investment?

Although the effects of Covid have decreased, it is still felt, and many parts of the world have become accustomed to living with the virus. Like many sectors, the real estate market was also affected by this crisis and ups and downs. However, today, the expectation of profitability and trust has approached the levels before […]

Working with a Professional Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a property has always been an important and laborious process. Looking at the statistics, it is seen that important advantages are obtained when working with a Real Estate Specialist. Working with a professional SakoLife real estate agent for property purchases saves time and money. In addition, the best real estate consultant will […]

Documents Required for Deed

Real estate purchases and sales are completed with the realization of transactions at the land registry office. Documents required when buying and selling real estate; • Original and one photocopy of identity card• Documentation from the relevant municipal institution that the property does not owe tax• Original or photocopy of the seller’s original deed• Receipts […]

Title Deed Costs

The title deed fee or title deed cost is the fee calculated as 4% over the sale price for all types of real estate sold. The title deed fee or expense can be paid after the purchase and sale process has started at the title deed office. In addition to the title deed cost, the […]

What is Deed?

The deed is a document that proves the ownership of the property. It can be used for both real estate and personal property. The deed should include the date, the names of the grantor and recipient, and a description of the transferred property. The title deed usually transfers ownership through the description of the ownership […]

Buying Real Estate in Turkey

Owning any type of property is an investment. It is not necessary to be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey in order to buy immovable property. In other words, even if the person does not have a residence permit in Turkey, he can buy real estate. Turkish citizenship is granted to foreign nationals who […]

Rights and Obligations of Landlords and Tenants in Turkey

It is important to clarify the rights of landlords and tenants in order to avoid problems that may arise during the rental process. The rights of landlords and tenants in Turkey are protected by the Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098. According to this law, tenants have responsibilities to the landlord other than paying the […]

Real Estate Transactions through Guardianship

In order to own real estate in Turkey, it is necessary to be of legal age, that is, to be over the age of 18. However, it is possible to purchase real estate for a minor, provided that certain conditions are met. A minor cannot buy real estate, but a parent or guardian can buy […]


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