Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

Foreign and domestic investors, who used their savings by investing in real estate, preferred offices for high rental income and short payback periods. However, it should not be forgotten that modern housing projects are as profitable as offices.

Emphasizing that houses pay for themselves in about 20-22 years, experts say that the amortization period of offices is 15-16 years.
Ask yourself, “Should I invest in real estate?” What matters is the quality and location of the housing project.

The houses built in the new generation areas where social facilities are located and the location is first class, host the tenants at even higher prices than the offices.

1+1, Office or Empty Land?

When investing in 1+1 houses, attention should be paid to the square meter price. Turkey has a young population, ie students, newly married or divorced with many potential tenants. Therefore, new projects mostly cover 1+1 flats. However, in recent years, the number of 1+1 apartments has increased so much that square meter prices have doubled to 3+1 apartments. Therefore, the investment cost is high and the second hand prices are low.

If you are going to invest in 1+1 apartments, first of all, look at the square meter prices for other apartment types in the same project. You can easily find tenants for 1+1 flats close to universities. Remember: 1+0 flats increase the value of 1+1 flats. 1+1 flats are more valuable in 1+0 flat type projects.

Office projects are safe in terms of rental income because they promise higher incomes and companies make more stable tenants. However, office investment should be evaluated on the basis of lokaysan.

If you are planning a long-term investment and want to leave a profitable property to your children, you can consider a vacant lot or plot of land. However, what the long-term means to you is also important. Considering the conditions of the country in the last year, the long-term starts from 15 years for vacant land or land. Investors ask themselves, “Should I invest in real estate?” they ask. Always consider the payment term.

Are Office Investments Profitable?

Considering the ROI figures, which is one of the most important factors for an investment, an office with the right location and project can pay for itself in a short time. While the investors pay for it quickly, they turn to offices and are among the most profitable real estates.

Real Estate Still Europe’s Best Investment

Experts say that the positive market dynamics, liquidity, steps to increase public welfare and the transformation of real estate into a service product with the increase in urban mobility make us optimistic about the future, especially given the developing conditions. Technological infrastructure.

Logistics facilities, elderly care centers, mixed housing projects in terms of common economy, student dormitories, health facilities, data centers, apartments with concierge service, shared offices, offices offering flexible services, industrial warehouses, self-service warehouses, hotels, science parks, social areas and MIA field offices in city centres. “Should I invest in real estate?” There are many people who think so. Well, they should consider the type of real estate they will invest in!

Should I Invest in Real Estate in Logistics?

Logistics is a profitable industry with high income potential. For example, logistics warehouses and natural gas warehouses in Turkey do not only constitute the chemical industry. The retail industry dominates the market.

The profit of the logistics sector from retail is around 10%. However, if investments are made in sectors such as chemistry, natural gas and health, this rate can go up to 40%. Such investments can become a major income channel for the real estate industry.

How to Make an Ideal Home Investment?

“Should I invest in real estate?” to see the real answer to your question. you should wait at least three years, the ideal period is five years. A right real estate investment will always give you more benefits than other investment types. After all, such a business trade should only be done with a trusted organization whose know-how you trust.

Istanbul’s Brand Value Lies in Its History

No one will want to see the skyscrapers in the center of Dubai. People visit places with artifacts that are 5000, 700 or even 1000 years old. Cities with rich history increase brand value and Istanbul’s brand value is among the highest in the world.

From an Islamic point of view, Istanbul has the historical mission of being the natural center of this religious geography. The increase in the number of foreign investors investing in Istanbul shows that we have a long road ahead of us. Still “Should I invest in real estate?” If you’re wondering. First, evaluate the city where your investment will be.

University Students: If We Had Money, We Would Invest in Gold or Real Estate.

Interesting results emerged in the research conducted among 550 university students in 2020. The most preferred investment type after gold is real estate. 25.4% of students studying abroad and 34.9% of students studying in Turkey say, “I would invest in real estate in the long term if I had savings”.

When asked about their families’ investment preferences, students said that their parents invested most in real estate.

Why Should I Invest in Real Estate in Turkey?

With its geopolitical advantages, natural and cultural riches, transportation opportunities, newly built bridges, airports, developing tourism sector, trade sector, nightlife and congress tourism, Turkey is not only an attractive country for foreign investors, but also a strong state. Stable economy.

Thanks to its growing economy, mega projects in the real estate sector and market dynamics, Turkey will continue to offer new opportunities, benefit investors and increase its value.

Also, the citizenship by investment program is a promising development to attract foreign investors who can acquire Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property with a minimum value of $250,000. Those who think whether they should invest in real estate in Turkey can find an answer by evaluating the benefits and data.

How is Real Estate Investment Made?

Real estate investment with minimal or zero risk is not only valid for residences, you can also invest in vacant lots, plots, agricultural land, gardens, buildings, inns and other immovables. Although there are many investment options such as gold, stock market and stocks, the most guaranteed one is usually real estate investment.

Reasons for Housing Investment in Turkey

These include geographic location, infrastructure, social and cultural opportunities, exchange rate, affordable prices, advanced architectural technologies, career and life opportunities, citizenship, ease of employment, cost of living, and affordable payment plans.

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