About Us

Why US ?

The real estate industry is very valuable. Every person in the world needs a home to live at some point. Some are looking for a house for sale and some for rent. SakoLife Real Estate has been able to satisfy all its customers with the wide range of services it has provided to its customers for a long time and has provided the appropriate real estate for every customer.

Real estate can be used not only as a living space but also as an investment tool. Our expert team with great experience in Turkey will give you professional service when you decide to invest in real estate. SakoLife is a leading real estate company in Turkey that has proven itself with its wide customer portfolio.

SakoLife, which provides professional consultancy services for your real estate investments, continues to bring innovations to the sector with its expert staff. “SakoLife Real Estate” provides service beyond your expectations with a professional principle.

Although we achieved our goals in a short time, this was not enough to stop us, we always continued to work to do better. This determination has brought us to the top of Turkey’s best real estate companies.

The quality service and trust we provide to our customers have brought people closer to us. The development of technology every year and our constant adaptation to innovation have increased the speed of the services we provide.

Our aim is to identify the wishes and demands of our customers, to create and find living spaces that will add value to them, to provide reliable, easily accessible and quality service by protecting customer rights during and after sales. We not only consider meeting people’s basic accommodation needs as an architectural work, but also add an emotional and aesthetic point of view to our work, and provide real estate that will appeal to you.

Our company provides uninterrupted services in real estate purchase and sale, consultancy, touristic rental systems (alternative vacation types), project development, investment consultancy, luxury housing investments, and real estate valuation services.

SakoLife Real Estate also provides international services with years of knowledge and experience in resolving legal issues before and after sales of the real estates it markets, valuing your money in real estate as an investment, and finding real estate suitable for your needs.

The “Home and Vacation” concept, which we realized with the mission of changing the understanding of holiday in Turkey, provides added value to the Turkish economy and added value to the budgets of families.

By adding a new one to countless hotels and accommodation centers, it offers an affordable holiday alternative to crowded families. Accommodation fees of hotels, which have difficulty in meeting the increasing demands in high season, cannot appeal to the holiday budgets of crowded families. If you say yes to a holiday with an apartment or villa full of your relatives for the price per person paid to a 5-star facility, call us. We are with you for an affordable holiday in the comfort of a hotel in a villa or apartment in all paradise holiday corners. Both furnished villas with detached pools and villas, aparts or flats within the complex are waiting for you for a peaceful, comfortable and affordable holiday. Do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of early booking advantages. Remember, we are here for you.

How do we work?

  • We follow the processes related to national and international commercial law thanks to our lawyers,
  • We have the ability to create, develop and improve projects with our team of architects and engineers,
  • We are aware of the globalizing dynamics in informatics
  • We act with our solution partners in Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, America, Arabian Peninsula and Turkic Republics,
  • We create awareness with our after-sales services,
  • We have a team that can organize an organization in line with our VIP services and customer expectations.
  • We offer communication, training and solution-oriented services in the globalizing world.

For İnvestors

SakoLife Real Estate makes the best choice for its investors according to the conditions of the day and guides each investor according to their needs and expectations. As a company, we fulfill all responsibilities and while doing this, we use time well and work result-oriented.

In Purchases

Each of our customers is equally important to us. That’s why we work to meet the wishes of our customers with a wide and featured portfolio and provide individual support for each of our customers. Our way of working is not only to choose a property that meets the needs, but also; When you own a real estate in Turkey, we provide all services such as house maintenance, free consultancy when purchasing furniture, renting your house, resale of your house.

In Rentals

SakoLife Real Estate has filled a huge service gap in the sector and as a result of great and long efforts, it has established the daily and summer flats and villa rental system, which is one of the best rental systems in Turkey.

Türkiye’de tatil anlayışını değiştirme misyonuyla hayata geçirdiğimiz “Villa Tatili”, “Evde Tatil” Türkiye ekonomisine katma değer sağlamakta ve ailelerin bütçelerine katma değer sağlamaktadır.

Our solution partners

Our solution partners in many parts of the world and Turkey are an important part of our business, so we provide the best service to you with the support of our solution partners while serving our customers in the most effective way.

If you are a real estate agent, you can become our solution partner by cooperating with us, like our partners around the world, and have the chance to benefit from more efficient working opportunities and our information support.

You can register as an Agent on our website, access our exclusive content, publish your own portfolios on our website, and thus easily and quickly reach real estate investors, real estate seekers, or those who want to rent real estate in various parts of the world.



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