Title Deed Costs

Title Deed Costs

The title deed fee or title deed cost is the fee calculated as 4% over the sale price for all types of real estate sold. The title deed fee or expense can be paid after the purchase and sale process has started at the title deed office. In addition to the title deed cost, the revolving fund fee is also collected. The revolving fund fee changes every year. The SMS that will be sent to your phone from the land registry office contains the bank information, duration and amount to be paid.

To Which Banks Can the Title Deed Fee Be Paid?

• Ziraat bank
• Ziraat Participation Bank
• People’s Bank
• Vakiflar Bank
• Vakıf Participation Bank
• Emlak Participation Bank

In addition, payment can be made by credit or debit card over the Internet on the Land Registry and Cadastre Fee Inquiry and Payment Web page of the Revenue Administration.

Who pays the Land Registry Fee?

The title deed cost can be paid from a single source by the decision of the parties. If no decision is taken, it is divided equally. In other words, the buyer and seller pay as 2% evil.

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