Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is one of the most popular industries revolving around properties, especially when it comes to developing lease agreements and corporate buildings.

Our top priority is value maximisation; Therefore, our solutions aim to enhance and protect clients’ property investments, reduce operating costs, minimize risks and maintain a stable relationship with the management divisions of managed properties. Our clients include national and international banks, government agencies, law firms, private investors, owners and numerous executive parties.

Commercial real estate is a rapidly developing form of investment in Turkey. This type of investment is suitable for those who want to open a new business, develop an existing business, buy and sell property. It is also possible to get a good rental income or a good profit with a good investment.

Our Commercial Real Estate Suggestions;

  • Commercial Real Estate Under Construction: It is always more advantageous to purchase commercial real estate under construction. You can make the changes you want both while reducing costs and during the construction phase. In this type of investment, it is possible to buy commercial real estate and sell it before the project is completed or to rent it out immediately at the end of the project.
  • Ready-made Commercial Real Estate Investment: It is a type of investment for those who have a long or short term profit or rental expectation, where they can start earning income immediately. Since Antalya is a constantly developing city, Commercial Real Estates are gaining in value day by day.
  • Commercial Real Estate Investment with the Purpose of Lease: With a commercial real estate investment in a good region in Turkey, you can start to earn a rental income immediately. At this stage, SakoLife Real Estate will provide you with a mixed information about the investment you will make with a combination of rental income, return in years, annual price increases of the region, annual interest rates, depreciation information, and will help you make the right investment.
  • Acquiring a Ready-made Business: Investments operating in a certain area, such as shops, stores, cafes, restaurants or hotels, are profitable because you will not have both time and establishment costs. If you trust your work experience in that field and want to take over a ready and working real estate, you can contact us and benefit from our wide portfolio.


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