Deed Transfer

Deed Transfer

We are your biggest supporter in real estate buying and selling of SakoLife Real Estate. Getting title deed can be a difficult and risky process. Buying and selling transactions, such as real estate or land plots, are usually made through the transfer of title. Deeds are documents that determine the rights of the buyer and seller over the property.

Deed transfer takes place at the Land Registry Offices in the presence of a sworn translator. When you sign the sales and transfer documents, all documents are forwarded to the Land Registry Office by SakoLife Real Estate expert sales team. However, if a power of attorney is not given, the buyer and seller must go to the deed transfer process themselves.

How is the deed transfer process done?

  • All documents required for title deed transfer are prepared.
  • These prepared documents are forwarded to the Land Registry Office.
  • On the day of the transfer, the buyer pays the entire amount and receives the title deed.

As foreigners usually transfer money from their own country’s bank accounts, the title deed transfer process takes about 3 to 5 days. If you want to make the payment in Turkish Lira, our consultants will be with you in safe and fast foreign exchange buying and selling transactions.

In addition, after the title deed transfer is completed, we help you to take electricity, water, natural gas or similar subscriptions on your own.


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