Buying Property Through a Lawyer

Buying Property Through a Lawyer

There are many things to consider when purchasing property through a lawyer. A lawyer’s role when purchasing a property is to assist the buyer in all legal matters, from negotiating the contract to closing the property and transferring ownership.

What should I expect from my meeting with my lawyer?

In your conversation with your attorney, you should expect to discuss all aspects of your purchase and transaction, such as title searches and reviews, buyers’ contractual responsibilities, sellers’ contractual responsibilities after closing, homeowner’s association or condominium association fees.

Lawyers play an important role in buying property as they can provide valuable advice and necessary information to their clients. They can also represent their customers in negotiating with the seller and provide everything needed to get the best deal possible. In addition to providing advice, the attorney has a legal responsibility to ensure that any contract is fair, accurate and meets all the client’s requirements.

Clients can save money by hiring an experienced lawyer from the get-go. Lawyers are always needed for the legal aspects of buying real estate. They provide guidance on regulations, provide legal advice and protection, and assist you throughout the process.

At SakoLife Real Estate, real estate lawyers provide assistance in purchasing property in many different ways. They advise on laws and regulations, provide legal protection, help you find a property that meets your needs, review contracts, offer escrow services and help you complete the deal.

Lawyer Fee in Turkey

SakoLife Real Estate works with lawyers who know commercial law well, and our customers who prefer us will no longer need a lawyer for their purchase. Agreements are prepared by our lawyers serving within the company.

Since the citizenship process is more complicated, we recommend that you complete this process with your lawyer. SakoLife Real Estate provides its customers with contact information of English-speaking lawyers in Antalya when necessary.

The attorney fee in Turkey is a minimum of 2,000 USD + 18% VAT. This fee may vary depending on the lawyer, the details of the purchase and the legal entities.


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