Documents Required for Deed

Documents Required for Deed

Real estate purchases and sales are completed with the realization of transactions at the land registry office. Documents required when buying and selling real estate;

• Original and one photocopy of identity card
• Documentation from the relevant municipal institution that the property does not owe tax
• Original or photocopy of the seller’s original deed
• Receipts of the Land Registry Fee and property tax payment
• DASK – Compulsory earthquake insurance policy or policy number (Must be up-to-date)
• If a power of attorney is to be made, notarized power of attorney

Title Deed Transfer for Legal Entities

In real estate purchases and sales, one or both of the parties may be legal entities. In this case, the required documents also vary.

• It is necessary to have a certificate of authorization issued by the Trade Registry Office, which clearly states the authorization and the identity information of the authorities for sales of immovable property. The certificate of authorization, which is certified by the directorate of the chamber of industry and commerce to which it is affiliated, must bear the date of the year in which the transaction was made.
• The original and one copy of the tax plate
• Signature circular of the company official
• Fair value and real estate tax debt document obtained from the relevant Municipality
• If the sale on behalf of the legal person is to be realized with a power of attorney, the original of the power of attorney must be available.

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