Real Estate Valuation

Real Estate Valuation

Estimating the value of real estate is essential for a variety of ventures, including financing, sales listing, investment analysis, property insurance and taxation. But for most people, the demand for or purchase rate of a property is the easiest way to value real estate. SakoLife Real Estate will always support you in real estate valuation, which is often a serious business, and will take you to a quick solution.

The methods of analyzing the value of a real estate investment are similar to those used in fundamental analysis of stocks. Because real estate investing is not typically a short-term trade, analyzing cash flow and subsequent rate of return is critical to achieving the goal of making profitable investments.

To profit, investors must know how the property will value and make accurate estimates of how much profit each will make, whether through property appreciation, rental income, or both. Accurate real estate valuations can help investors make better decisions when buying or selling property.

Real Estate Valuation

The types of real estate valuation are as follows;

  • House/villa or flat valuation
  • Commercial building, office, store, shopping mall and store valuation
  • Agricultural land, field, parcel and land valuation
  • hotel valuation
  • urban transformation valuation
  • Mine and gas station valuation
  • Ship, marina, yacht and aircraft valuation
  • Brand valuation
  • company valuation

The real estate valuation report consists of;

  • Deed information
  • Map and location information
  • Current real estate photos
  • Precedent real estate values
  • Possible value of the property
  • Legal situation analyzes in the municipality / land registry and cadastre directorates to which it is affiliated

The real estate valuation report may contain more qualifications and conditions according to your request and real estate properties. Appraisal reports can be prepared in 3 different ways depending on the properties of the real estate;

1- Peer Comparison Method:
A sufficient number of real estates with similar characteristics to the real estate to be valued are taken as a precedent and a comparison is made.

2- Income Method:
It considers the probable net income stream for an investor or a user over the remaining economic life of a property. This income stream is compared with income from similar properties, and the probable return on investment is compared with earnings from similar properties or other types of investments.

3- Cost Method:
Reconstruction of the structure under current economic conditions is considered.


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