Rental Property Management

Rental Property Management

SakoLife Real Estate includes all the services you need in order to get the best profit from your investment. We constantly inform you about your properties and determine the policy and the way we will follow. We are the best in rental real estate management in Turkey.

Rental property management refers to the property management you own. It is a service we can provide to you even if you live in another city or country. You can receive your payments quickly without any problems.

Rental property managers must comply with the law to rent homes and offices. Property managers are not hired by property owners, instead they are considered an agent. In many countries, property managers are real estate agents or agents, which means they are licensed to work in real estate. In some countries, the property manager is not required to have a real estate license.

With its professional service, SakoLife Real Estate protects both you and your real estate from fraudsters in the market. Property management companies have the power to take legal action against negativities such as tenants not paying their rent on time. Professional companies insure the landlords against any negativity with the rental policies required for the rental process.

SakoLife Real Estate managers also provide professional photo shoots, cleaning, towels and bed linen supplies, repair and maintenance consultancy, guest service, interior design consultancy, 24/7 check-in and check-out service. In addition to these services, it also provides licensing assistance to landlords if their home is suitable for short-term rentals.

To benefit from our real estate management service, to get information or to get more services and services, you can reach us via my 24/7 communication channels without hesitation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rental Property Management

Q: What are the conditions and criteria for the acceptance of real estate?
A: There are no criteria, but it will be preferable if your property is in a requested location, well-maintained and in a well-designed condition.

Q: How long is the deal process and duration?
A: An appointment date will be agreed with the landlord or a representative of them after initial communication. If all goes well, the house is integrated into the system at the first appointment. Our contract usually lasts 1 year.

Q: When are payments made?
A: The payment is transferred directly to the host’s IBAN number through the bank. The total payment for the relevant month is made between the 8th and 15th days of the following month.

Q: How do I make sure my key is secure?
A: We keep our keys locked in a safe place with a barcode for easy tracking.

Q: What to do if my guest does not return their key?
A: If the key is forgotten, we will contact the guest or tenant immediately and ask them to return the key. If the key is not returned or lost, we will deduct the damage from the tenant’s deposit.

Q: Can the host stay at home at any time? Are there any restrictions for time?
A: If the landlord wants to rent out his house with a real estate management agreement, we require a minimum of 80% availability for the rental period (the rate may vary according to special circumstances). The host must inform us 2 weeks before the time they want to stay. If there is a definite reservation that cannot be canceled within the specified date, priority is given to the accommodation of the tenants on these dates.

Q: What if there is any damage to my home?
A: Online portals where homes are available for rent offer guarantees that protect the rights of landlords. Included in the warranty as long as damage is proven. In long-term rentals, a deposit is required from the tenants to protect the rights of the landlords. In case of any damage not caused by the tenant, the landlord covers the damage.

Q: Should the landlord insure his home against fire, flood, theft, etc.? Do you want a separate insurance from the landlord?
A: It is entirely up to the landlord’s discretion to insure the home against other damages. However, we recommend that you take out insurance for these situations as well. Risks and costs may vary depending on the condition of the property. We recommend that you contact our experienced team for all kinds of insurance consultancy.

Q: When should products or appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines be replaced?
A: No need to refresh as long as the devices are working properly. However, since the new furniture doubles the attractiveness of the house, we recommend that the necessary renovations and renovations be made on time. If there is a necessary renovation attempt, the landlord is expected to pay the costs. If there is a complaint about the property, we will inform the landlord and provide the necessary guidance to resolve the complaint.

Q: Who pays for items such as towels and shampoo? How do you get the landlord’s approval on this?
A: While the house is integrated into the system, the entire responsibility of the initial rental preparation rests with the landlord. We guide the host in this regard. After the rental period begins, we take responsibility for perishable goods such as shampoo and soap.

Q: How is the process of paying electricity, internet and water bills and who pays the bills?
A: All invoices are the responsibility of the host. If credit card information is given to us at the request of the host, we can follow up the bill payments with an automatic payment order and make the payments on behalf of the host.

Q: Do you track and pay monthly real estate taxes?
A: All home tax charges are the landlord’s responsibility. If credit card information is given to us upon request, we can follow up the invoice payments with automatic payment order and make the payments on behalf of the host.


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