Real Estate Transactions through Guardianship

Real Estate Transactions through Guardianship

In order to own real estate in Turkey, it is necessary to be of legal age, that is, to be over the age of 18. However, it is possible to purchase real estate for a minor, provided that certain conditions are met. A minor cannot buy real estate, but a parent or guardian can buy property in his or her name. This situation is called guardianship.

In the simplest terms, the guardian is the person appointed to protect and manage the property and personal rights of the minors who are not under custody, the persons restricted by the decision of the magistrate’s court, and the persons who have been sentenced to imprisonment for 1 year or more.

Property purchases are the same for minors and adults.

Foreign nationals who are not Turkish citizens in Turkey can also buy property for their children under guardianship. The purchase process proceeds like the property purchase process of Turkish citizens. However, unlike their citizens, the Land Registry Offices require that necessary documents such as guardianship be translated by a sworn translator. In addition, the land registry directorates have made an appraisal report mandatory in case foreigners want to buy property.

A tax identification number must be obtained for the guardian by applying to the tax office. This tax identification number functions like the Republic of Turkey identification number.

Purchase, sale, pledge of immovables and establishment of another real right on them (Sale of real estate belonging to the person under guardianship, purchase of a new real estate or usufruct right on the real estate in favor of a third party, right of passage if the field etc., type correction etc. According to article 462 of the relevant law, it is necessary to obtain permission by applying to the guardianship authority before making the transaction in accordance with the article 462 of the relevant law.

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