Obtaining a Tax Identification Number

Obtaining a Tax Identification Number

A tax number is a ten-digit number used for financial transactions, just like an identification number. While foreigners coming to Turkey are required to obtain a tax number for financial transactions such as opening a bank account or purchasing real estate, a Turkish citizen does not need to obtain an individual tax number. Turkish citizens can use their TR ID number as a personal tax number. However, when Turkish citizens want to establish a business, they must obtain a tax plate in the name of the business and make their financial transactions with the tax number here.

Turkish citizens do not need to obtain an individual tax number during the real estate purchase process, as in other transactions. Non-Turkish citizens who want to buy real estate can easily obtain an individual tax number if they apply to the tax office with the original passport and a photocopy.

As SakoLife Real Estate, we assist our customers at this stage, as well as in the preparation of all other official documents, within the scope of our free after-sales services.

Inquiry of Tax Identity Number Through Interactive Tax Office

Citizens of the Republic of Turkey T.R. Although they can use their identification numbers as tax numbers, they can also inquire about their specific tax numbers through the interactive tax office when necessary. To learn the tax number, respectively;

  • Go to ivd.gib.gov.tr,
  • In the Verifications section, the tax identification number query process is selected,
  • Respectively; The tax number query is completed by entering the surname, name, father’s name, place of birth and year of birth, and selecting the “Query” icon.

Tax Identification Number for Foreigners

One of the first things foreign nationals should do is to obtain a tax identification number. The tax number is asked during the title deed transaction (purchasing and selling), opening a bank account or during private insurance transactions.

SakoLife Real Estate helps you get your tax identification number. If you give us a copy of your passport, our specialist sales representatives will obtain a tax identification number on your behalf.

Where is the Foreigners Tax Number Used?

  • Banking and financial services transactions,
  • Bill subscription transactions
  • Real estate and municipal tax debt payment transactions
  • Residence permit fee payment procedures
  • Driving license application procedures

How to Obtain Tax Number for Foreigners?

You can go to any tax office with your passport and a copy of your passport and make the necessary application. The process of obtaining a tax identification number usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes. After you get your tax number, you can open your bank account and do your official transactions.

Having a tax number does not necessarily mean you will pay tax in Turkey. However, it is essential for certain transactions, such as opening a bank account to be used for deposits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Obtaining a Tax Identification Number in Turkey

Q: What is a tax identification number?
A: Tax identification number is a personal number used for financial transactions.

Q: How many digits is the tax number?
A: The tax number is a ten digit number.

Q: Where to get a tax number?
A: Turkish citizens, T.R. Since they can use their identity number as an individual tax number, they do not need to obtain a separate tax number. If necessary, the tax number can be obtained from the tax offices in each province and district.

Q: Do I pay to get a tax number?
A: No fee is charged from those who will receive a tax number.

Q: What if I lose my tax number?
A: You can get your tax number again by going to the tax office.

Q: Where and how to query the tax identification number?
A: You can make inquiries via the Interactive Tax Office or E-government. On the Interactive Tax Office website, you can learn your tax identification number after you have entered the information such as “Name, surname, father’s name, place of birth, year of birth”. After logging in via e-government, you will be directed to the official site of the “Revenue Administration, Internet Tax Office”. You can find all the necessary information here.

Q: I am a Turkish citizen living abroad, how do I get the tax number?
A: Even if you live on the other side of the world, you can use your TR ID number as a personal tax number because you are a Turkish citizen.


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